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Stacey Shawntee Arcangel

Professional Psychic Consultant ~ Intuitive Investigator

January 7, 2009

Re: Stacey Arcangel - Psychic

Letter of Reference from the author of "Psychic Criminology"

It is with great respect that I provide this letter of introduction and reference on behalf of Stacey Arcangel who is an extraordinary psychic.

My professional qualifications allow me to say this as I am very involved in paranormal research and a co-author of the book entitled, "Psychic Criminology: A Guide For Using Psychics In Investigation" . I have worked extensively in the field of psychic investigations and criminology and have had the opportunity to work with Remote Viewers who were previously part of the CIA's secret espionage program, "Stargate".

Stacey brings a strong sense of deep grounding through deep-rooted psychic abilities. Her accuracy and focus have proven to me that her abilities are far beyond many of the psychics that I have personally and professionally worked with.

I am always intrigued by Stacey's ability to focus on specific targets no matter where the activity is or what the circumstances are. For example, we worked together on targets in a very sensitive multiple kidnapping case. It was in a remote location on foreign territory and it was also a very violent situation. Her information was accurate and confirmed by the requester. The result was the identification of the victims locations, however, those responsible for extracting the victims did not act fast enough and the "bad guys" kept moving the adults from location to location. It was confirmed an accurate assessment by the requester. Further and more specific information is not available as this was a classified project.

Stacey is in the top of the line up of credible psychics. She is most worth of consideration for any project related to the field. I highly recommend her.


Rich Brennan

Co-Author, "Psychic Criminology"