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Stacey Shawntee Arcangel

Professional Psychic Consultant ~ Intuitive Investigator

Stacey Shawntee Arcangel:

About 30 years ago after moving to the island of Maui, Stacey, became part of a very special PSI oriented group where all members displayed unique abilities. These individuals displayed talents in all realms of psychic and unexplained phenomena.

The amazing group was dedicated to exploring their abilities as well as fully developing a wide range of skills including; Intuitive/Psychic Reading, Automatic Writing, Remote Viewing, Psychometry, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance and Channeling. (Definitions are listed below)

Stacey began doing personal readings about 25 years ago. Because of her own interest in creative thinking around life and business she discovered that she was very good at working with individuals who's focus was on career, which inspired her to create, "Intuitive Edge Consulting". Currently Stacey spends much of her time in N. California, near Mt. Shasta and works with clients either in person, by phone or email.

Stacey has been aware of her abilities since childhood and embraces them without fear or hesitation. She's worked as an intuitive in numerous capacities with individuals from all over the USA. It's her wish to use these unique skills to assist the individual or business on their journey through her intuitive sessions. 

During her 24 years living on Maui she also trained in the psychic aspects of paranormal investigation, especially hauntings. It was during this time she discovered the ability to act as a medium with deceased spirits and to "see" forms of energy. She has worked with many individuals and a few Real Estate Agents exploring and "Ghost Busting".

Stacey has always been available to law enforcement as an Investigative Medium and she's worked a murder case with Maui Police as well as several missing person cases with her group.

Most recently she's refined these skills with eight months of studying Psychic Criminal Investigation with ID Discovery Channel's Pam Coronado, star of the show, "Sensing Murder". Stacey believes we never stop learning and improving our skills!

During the years of training and discovery she's learned a great deal about shielding herself from the energies of the spirit realm (or whatever it is that causes the disturbances) and the importance of setting protective boundaries when working a criminal case or haunting.

Stacey never gets involved on a personal level (whether it's a personal session or criminal case) nor does she absorb the energy of anyone that's involved which makes her a very effective investigator.

Explanation of abilities:

Intuitive/Psychic reading: Sensing information about a person, business, situation or location with enhanced abilities and at deeper levels. Retrieving details that are often overlooked or unavailable to the normal individual. The ability to "follow" energy and define it.

Automatic Writing: Focusing on a question or target and writing out everything that is being relayed/channeled. A very effective tool as it seems to create the path of least resistance with little or no A.O.L. (Analytical over lay) from the mind of the reader.

Remote viewing: Seeing and reading a person or location/target from a distance. A military technique.

Psychometry: Reading the energy (past, present future - Quantum effect) of an object or location by holding the object or being at the physical location. Often used in psychic criminal investigation.

Clairaudience: Clear "hearing" at higher than normal levels. Hearing information or messages from a persons own subconscious, higher self, divine guides or deceased loved ones (depending on what your belief system is).

Clairvoyance: Clear "seeing" of visual images and symbols in the minds eye (third eye). Using a part of the brain that is still unexplained.

Channeling: Relaying information from divine personal guides, Angelics, deceased loved ones or other such beings (for those who believe in this aspect of reality).