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Stacey Shawntee Arcangel

Professional Psychic Consultant ~ Intuitive Investigator

Observations, Questions and Answers from Stacey

A few observations:

I'd like to say in all honesty that in my 25 plus years studying & working as a Professional Intuitive I've met only a few truly talented Intuitive/Psychic Consultants with all the proper protocols in place and these dedicated professionals have helped many people from all walks of life!

I have also met some so called "psychics" that have no real ability, as well as those with abilities but with no professional protocols (which can be a disaster). Unfortunately these are the ones that give legit Psychic Consultants a bad name and it's really a shame as they tend to get the most attention.

The truth is it takes work, practice & dedication to fully develop and fine tune psychic/intuitive skills. As with any talent or profession the harder and longer you work at it the better you get.

Keep in mind... A good Intuitive Consultant will never tell you exactly what you should do or where you need to be or who you should be associating with, etc. They will simply assist you with your journey in a productive and perhaps "spiritual" way that does not run over and dismiss your own decision making process, but does give you an advantage.

It's good to be cautious of who you hire. Do check out their background or ask for a reference... just as you would with any professional you plan to work with.

My goal is to assist you in the best and most productive way I can. I am happy to provide a reference letter or contact. And if for any reason I feel I can't assist you with your goals or investigative work I will do my best to be up front and honest in that regard before we begin a business relationship.

Special note: I do not give medical, legal, psychological or any advice that is meant to be provided by someone who is licensed in that profession.

1. How do PSI abilities really work?

With the current level of research that's out there psychic skill is really becoming more about our brains & science and less about mysticism. According to the studies done by the Psychical Research Foundation at Duke, when an Intuitive participates in PSI work or exercises there is activity in the right hemisphere of the brain coming from an area that is not used under normal circumstances. To access a variety of research papers go to the Psychical Research Foundation's site at

In my own experience the ability to receive information seems to center around energy... and when connecting to the energy of a person, object, name or location, depending on what your looking for there is no limit to the information that may come through. For personal readings I believe I receive information from a higher aspect of yourself. For business information I imagine it may be a combination of higher guidance or perhaps quantum physics plays a role. Sometimes the key is to focus on the right question.

My ability or talent in being able to "hear" or "see" information is most likely heightened because I have developed that part of my brain & consciousness in ways most people haven't. I feel that I was born with a stronger ability than most in this area, just like someone who is born with greater abilities in music or math.

Luckily my mother encouraged me from the time I was very young to be "intuitive" which assisted me to reach the current enhanced level of ability. 

2. Do I have to believe in PSI phenomena to benefit from a consultation?

The answer is no. As long as there is no hostility toward me while doing my work I can usually read a situation fine. I don't mind skepticism or questions, but continued skepticism & negative attitude can end up hampering a session. I mean, why bother if you can't go into the experience with an open mind? This especially applies to law enforcement or private investigators.

3. What is required for a personal or business session?

I will provide a questionnaire to get us started. For these sessions the focus is on the possibilities that surround these areas of your life. It really depends on what type of information or guidance you wish to acquire. We can usually define your needs or goals in the first session and go from there.

4. For Investigative work - Do you solve crimes?

No, absolutely not. The police solve crimes and P.I.'s take the clues and solve them as well. I may be able to bring in a new angle or provide new clues to a case. But there is no substitute for good police or investigative work. An Intuitive is simply a useful tool that may provide the investigator with helpful information.

Note: Usually psychics are brought in late in a case as a last resort... though I often wonder if it might be more beneficial to bring them in right away. I see a future where psychics will be used openly in investigations.

5. What objects can you use to provide information for investigators?

There are many things that will allow me to form an energetic link to information. A name (or even initials), photo, object the person has worn (in missing persons or murder cases) or even something they've hand written. I can also get information while visiting a location. If we're working long distance a photo is the normal tool provided. I also provide a list of guidelines to anyone who is not familiar with how to utilize an Intuitive during an investigation.

It's very important that I don't know too much about a situation before we begin. The less I know ahead of time the better. Confirmation on correct information is fine as are direct questions geared to gain clarity on specific areas of a case. I can provide you with a prep sheet of helpful information on how to proceed before we get started to help avoid hindering an investigation.

*Working at a distance does not hinder my ability to read/intuit during a session.

This is a great article about Laura Day, a well known Corporate Intuitive - her work is similar to mine & may give you an idea around the limitless possibilities.

For Private Investigators I have an hourly, weekly, monthly or per case fee which is basically the same as the corporate rates.

*Also for P.I.'s; to introduce you to my PSI investigative skills and services I am willing to do an introductory session with you at no charge. I understand that what I'm doing may not be familiar to you & I want to make sure you are comfortable with psychic investigative technique in order to serve you in the best way possible.

* For Law Enforcement I will usually be able to volunteer my time. All I need to work with you is a photo(s) and a name if that's appropriate. Working from a distance is fine. Long distances do not hinder my sessions. 

Special note to Law Enforcement ~ I do not work on any cases involving drugs or the drug trade.

Investigators & Law enforcement - A great reference book when using an Intuitive on an investigation is, "Psychic Criminology - A Guide for using Psychics in Investigation". Co-authored by Rich Brennan, my good friend.

Book is available at

All inquiries made to Stacey will be kept strictly confidential. Please contact her with any questions not covered here. Your privacy is very important to Intuitive Edge Consulting.