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Stacey Shawntee Arcangel

Professional Psychic Consultant ~ Intuitive Investigator

Intuitive Edge Consulting

~ Session Prep ~

In order to get the best possible session there are a few things we recommend that you do to prepare. Please read this information and create a list of five to ten (or more) questions that you wish to ask.

Doing this ahead of time creates a more concentrated energy around your session and makes it easier for her to get in tune with the information you need to receive. A question is like a target for the intuition.

If you like you may send (via email) your questions a few days prior to your session. If she has time she can begin tuning in and taking notes before your session.

There are several common focal points often brought up in sessions. Listed below are some things that may assist you to find yours. You may wish to form questions in these areas.

Business & Career

New Ventures ~ Strategy ~ Partnerships ~ Finance ~

Probable Outcomes ~ Visioning ~ Market Trends ~ Paths of Action 

Employees ~ Legal Issues

Personal or Business

Relationships ~ Life Lessons

Creativity & Self Expression ~ Relocation & Travel ~

~ Family Dynamics ~

Power Issues ~ Purpose

Spiritual & Religious Concerns ~ Patterns & Habits

Being specific about what you’d like to know is helpful.

The greater the focal point the clearer the information will be.

An example would be to ask about someone in your life (or company) about whom you have concerns. State your concerns as concisely as possible, and include their first or full name. Photos are helpful, though not essential, when dealing with a focus on people and relationships. You may also wish to know the different energies around several choices you are faced with, etc. Ask a question about anything you want clarity on and Stacey will do her best to provide you with helpful information.

Due to the complexity of data involved when reading a business or corporation, Stacey requires a thorough briefing before this type of consultation. Once this is done she can work with you on any questions or issues within the company. These sessions usually run two hours with time for a 10 minute break in between.

And please remember… a session is no time to play, “Test the Psychic”. Doing this is only wasting your time and hers and it brings mixed signals into the session. As with anything the more open minded, positive and straight forward you can be the more you will get from your session.

In addition, don’t be embarrassed to go deep. Everything is confidential and she has a strict code of ethics around the work. A session is about assisting you to move forward, get confirmation and hopefully the information you need to make better choices.

Stacey will never tell you exactly what to do: Only you know the best choices for yourself. What she will give you is a better understanding of all the levels involved around your questions and she may see many things that you are unable to see.

If your session is going to be Investigative in nature (missing persons, murder investigation, etc.) please let Stacey know when you book the session as this is a different mode of tuning in and requires some preparation on her part. Photos can be very helpful during these sessions and she will require them ahead of time.

For email sessions Stacey will use automatic writing to give your information.

Please - no "health" questions. Seek a medical intuitive for this type of reading.

Automatic Writing: Focusing on a question or target and writing out everything that is being relayed/channeled. A very effective tool as it seems to create the path of least resistance with little or no A.O.L. (Analytical over lay) from the mind of the reader.

Special note: Stacey does not give medical, legal, psychological or any advice that is meant to be provided by someone who is licensed in that profession. Stacey is not liable for your personal choices after a session. Only you may decide the right course of action for your well being. We hope that the insight you receive will assist you in making the most productive and positive changes, but our insights should never be relied upon more than your own decision making process.