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Stacey Shawntee Arcangel

Professional Psychic Consultant ~ Intuitive Investigator

Testimonials from a few of Stacey's clients ~

Spiritual and psychological ~ Stacey's insights come from a very good heart and a very good mind. Her input is precise and to-the-point and it applies directly to life. Stacey played a key role in helping me establish success with a relationship that was unusual and more than challenging. Grounded and committed, she has become a great asset and friend.

Gerard Ungerman - Director ~ Freewill Productions

I find Stacey's gift of intuition to be extremely relevant and trusted. I have benefited by her mystical gift of providing clarity as I searched a multitude of possibilities for the direction of my life. Her insights helped me to narrow my options and allowed me to focus on what was the right direction for me. She looks deep into my soul to draw out what is most intuitive for where I will be most productive in each area of my life. I find that as I reach the point of second guessing myself, a reading from Stacey dispels the fears and uncertainties raised by what I fondly call my own "Doubt Monster." Stacey is a heartfelt, gifted, enlightened intuitive and friend!

Sheryl K. ~ Retired Corporate Executive ~ Author ~ Life Coach

Stacey saved me hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by one simple piece of advice. "Don't do anything, it will all work itself out in time." I went to Stacey for advice about a trust fund belonging to my ailing uncle, the payout of which was being hotly contested by his greedy SECOND wife. My side of the family was on the brink of engaging an attorney whose fees might have eaten up a significant chunk of the money in the trust fund. Instead, we took Stacey's advice and embarked on what turned out to be a lengthy waiting game. In the end, that was the key to victory. The greedy second wife eventually knuckled under and withdrew her protest. The money was distributed to my side of the family as was originally intended by my uncle and his now deceased but much beloved FIRST wife. Thank you, Stacey, for that very valuable tune-in!!!

H.M. ~ Entertainment Industry ~ L.A. , Ca.

One of the biggest reasons her Gift is so priceless:

I’ve tended to walk away from sessions with other Intuitive Readers with the feeling that only "They" know something I won’t and can’t know and usually the subtle but distinct sensation that if I’m going to stay on the “right” track, I’d do well to depend on them. I can honestly say that whenever I’ve had a session with Stacey, I feel more trusting of myself and my own Sight. And that she's consciously and generously shored up that belief in myself.

S. P. ~ Writer ~ Producer ~ L.A., Ca.

Stacey is uniquely professional in everything that she does. In working with her, it is like working with someone who gets it, and right away! Her ability as a psychic is superior to most that I have experienced. In addition as I've also worked with her as a writer, her screenwriting ability is highly original, creative and energized. Stacey is a wonderful lady to be with and around and you can never go wrong with her as a friend and colleague.

Rich Brennan ~ OceanBlue International Entertainment, Inc. and Co-Author of "Psychic Criminology"

I work for a large and well known corporation and deal with many employees. Stacey was able to warn me about a situation that would have blindsided me. With her input I was able to handle the blow and keep my position in tact. She was also able to assist me to get in touch with my own spiritual guidance team- something that was very new to my belief system, but has benefited me greatly. If you want to know what your colleagues really think and want to stay ahead of the game, book a session and let everyone else wonder why you suddenly seem to be so aware!

W. D. K. ~ Corporate Executive

*Because of the very private nature of sessions most of Stacey's clients prefer to remain anonymous.